2017 - 2018 Board of Directors Election

At the annual meeting on September 19, 2017,
we introduced the candidates running for a position on the board.
Please read the candidates' personal statements and
cast your vote at our voting page.

Your vote counts!

Craig Jackson

I would like to submit myself as a potential candidate for a general director position with IMMA. I’ve given great consideration to this decision as my tenure with IMMA is not a lengthy one. Still, the call for “passionate people” seeking to “make a difference” couldn’t align more with my career goals and spoke directly to my desire to increase promotion of information security efforts locally and nationally.

I believe my skills and perspectives as an information security consultant would augment any organization’s board of directors. I’m on the ‘front lines’ on a daily basis, serving customers in a spectrum of industries but, most frequently, the healthcare and financial services sectors. While I haven’t had C-, V-level, or Director-level management experience, most of my career (within the information security world and without) has involved direct advisement of upper management. Further, I have hands-on experience with risk assessment, disaster recovery planning / testing, vulnerability / penetration testing, secure wireless design, regulatory compliance, and a variety of other fundamental security efforts that I’m always willing to share.

Steven Hirschinger

I would like to represent IMMA members as a Director to help with program development to ensure we provide relevant and timely content to our members. I have had the privilege of being the secretary for the board for the last year and have enjoyed working with the board. I would like to expand my role and to continue to contribute to such a great program. I believe in the mission of InfraGard with the private / public partnership in helping bring the resources that are needed to individuals and help us do our jobs better by providing timely information and contacts of people who have been in our positions and can help provide perspectives and insight that is extremely valuable. I have worked in nonprofit as an IT leader as well as county government and now for a private company that works with the federal government. I feel my experience can help with content development and perspective to ensure continued success and provide valuable content to our members.

John Ward

John Ward is employed by Marriott International in Bethesda as Director of Security. He’s been with Marriott for 14 years including previous positions as Director of Security for inner city Boston hotels. His role with Marriott includes responsibility for safety and security at multiple corporate locations housing over 3,500 employees. Additionally, he’s a member of Marriott’s hotel Global Safety and Security Team. While working in Boston, he successfully managed security at a hotel one mile away during the Boston Bombing and during the subsequent shooting of M.I.T. Police Office Sean Collier one block away. In 2013, while hotel Director of Security, John recognized potential indicators of Human Trafficking then worked with Federal authorities which led to the rescue of two Missing and Exploited Children who were being trafficked interstate from hotel to hotel. He also aided in the persecution of the Trafficker. For combating Human Trafficking, John was awarded the Allen T McPherson Citizen Service Award by the Cambridge Police Department and presented the Operation Underground Railroad National Liberator Award. His current role includes championing Marriott Operation’s efforts to combat trafficking in hotels. Prior to Marriott, John studied Criminal Justice at Northeastern University.

John organized and continues to lead the Rock Spring Park Security Council which is comprised of 50 contacts representing both small and large corporations in the Bethesda area.

He’s a Certified Lodging Security Director by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. He attended the Baltimore Field Office Citizens Academy and remains a member of the Citizens Academy Alumni.

He’s been an active member of InfraGard since 2009. To fill a vacancy, he was appointed to our Board of Directors in May. His InfraGard responsibilities include organizing our largest event, the Annual Dinner.

I would like to serve on the Board because I feel that I can contribute the specialized knowledge which I’ve gained through criminal justice studies, 14 years’ experience working as Director of Security for Marriott International and 8 years’ experience as an active InfraGard member between both the Boston and Maryland Chapters. Through active participation in most meetings, networking with InfraGard members and having been appointed to the Board since May, I have a detailed understanding of IMMA and have a vision for a successful 2018 and beyond. One of my first duties as a new Board member was to take a leading role organizing our most important meeting, the Annual Dinner. Our current Board members can attest that I not only fulfilled the role but went above and beyond. I’m committed to attending Board and member meetings and dedicating the time necessary to further enhance and innovate the organization.