Event 6/29/17 - Cyber Security Summit: D.C. Metro

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The annual D.C. Metro Cyber Security Summit connects C-Suite & Senior Executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts. Admission gives you access to all Interactive Panels, Round Tables Discussions, Catered Breakfast, Lunch & Cocktail Reception.

* Additionally, there will be a hiring event for experienced and Security-Cleared industry professionals happening simultaneously on the floor below. This event is free. Details visit TechExpoUSA.com.

Event 6/9/17 - Delaware InfraGard - Protecting Your Cyber Assets

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The Delaware InfraGard Members Alliance presents: Protecting Your Cyber Assets

(This meeting is open to all with registration), RSVP at https://idmajune2017.eventbrite.com

Agenda: (Light refreshments will be served)

8:00 am Registration & Networking
8:45 am InfraGard Announcements
9:00 am The Latest ICS Threats
10:00 am Credential Theft as a Primary Attack Vector
11:00 am Security for Business Travelers
Noon: End of Program

Presentation Details:

The Latest ICS Threats
An overview of the latest ICS (Industrial Control System) threat intelligence. Detail Operation BugDrop, a cyber-surveillance operation leveraging DropBox that used PC microphones to "bug" critical infrastructure, scientific research, and media organizations in the Ukraine. Review Information learned about the evolution of industrial malware like BlackEnergy3 and KillDisk. Describe IIoT botnets operated by criminal gangs to deliver DDoS-as-Service. And discuss recently-announced zero-day vulnerabilities in widely-used industrial devices.

Phil Neray is currently the VP of Industrial Cybersecurity at CyberX. Phil began his career as a Schlumberger engineer on oil rigs in South America and as an engineer with Hydro-Quebec. He has a BSEE from McGill University, is certified in cloud security (CCSK), and has a Black Belt in American Jiu-Jitsu. Prior to CyberX, Phil held executive roles at enterprise security leaders including IBM Security/Q1 Labs, Guardium, Veracode, and Symantec.

Credential Theft as a Primary Attack Vector – Detect and Respond to Privileged and Service Account Attacks
Privileged accounts have been at the center of each recent high-profile attack. Moreover, attackers are leveraging Privileged credentials as their entry point to high value systems within the network. This session will explain how hackers that successfully exploit these credentials are able to gain a privileged foothold, allowing them unfettered access to elevate privileges and move about the network freely without detection. With a solid understanding of this well-used method of attack, attendees will learn how to properly secure and manage these powerful credentials. We will discuss growing trends in regards to attacks and what Security Leaders are doing to protect their organizations from these advanced attacks. And walk through a typical attack that utilizes privileged accounts and how passwords can be exploited to break down the front door.

The session will touch on the growth and prevalence of privileged credentials. We will discuss how to securely store and manage credentials and how to reduce the attack surface, specifically attack surfaces favored by insiders and outsiders with insider credentials. We will also discuss detecting credential harvesting and blocking future attempts. All while maintaining governance and compliance standards.

Nick Dulavitz is a national director of engineering at CyberArk. He assumed the role in 2016 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Dulavitz joined CyberArk in 2013 coming from Sophos where he held a variety security focused positions specializing in encryption technologies. Since joining CyberArk he has focused primarily on how privilege is leveraged by attackers to accomplish their goals and the most effective ways to mitigate such techniques.

Security for Business Travelers - Our Tools Betray Us
We will watch several insightful videos and participate in related discussions about how our tools and social media betray and endanger our business and our business travelers. This presentation will use recorded actual events to portray the dangers of using today's technology and social media to support our businesses. We will also discuss the actions we can take to make us safer.

Mr. R. C. Smith is a professional security specialist with over 40 years of hands on experience in many aspects of security and intelligence. He has served in a wide variety of roles including program, personnel, physical and information security/assurance, OPSEC, Security Awareness/Security Education and counterintelligence. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Maryland InfraGard for two years, serves as the Programs Chief and Chairs the Insider Threat Special Interest Group. He has supported the National Classification Management Society as their technical advisor for the Education and Training Committee and has served on the board of the Industrial Security Awareness Council of Central Maryland. He serves as Sponsor Coordinator for the highly successful FBI Outreach program, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Training Seminar or INLETS. R.C. Smith was a recipient of the 2017 Governor’s Crime Prevention Award.

For more information about the Delaware InfraGard, go to: www.infragard.org

Seminar 6/19/17-6/23/17 - 7th annual Mid-Atlantic INLETS: Violent Crimes & Terrorism Trends

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Keynote presenter Mark 'Oz' Geist from 13 Hours of Benghazi leads a cadre of presenters from NYPD, LAPD, and FBI profilers with subject matter experts. A look at stalking, workplace violence, ISIS in America, with interactive programs including social media monitoring, Drones, and Cell phone exploitation.

For law enforcement, InfraGard, ASIS, and DSAC members.

RSVP at https://7thannualmidatlanticinlets.eventbrite.com

Event 6/8/17 - Beyond Gates, Guards, and Guns: Surveillance and Threat Detection

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A closer look at the use of surveillance and other proactive measures to reduce the susceptibility of an attack.

Join us for this afternoon session.

Date: 6/8/2017 Thu
Time: 2:00 PM

FSK Auditorium
St. John’s College, Annapolis

Open to InfraGard members and non-members.

Drinks and refreshments will be served.

Event 5/25/17 - Active Shooter: Lessons from Police to the Private Sector

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This program will focus on issues of active shooter and lesson learned from police and the private sector. From lessons learned at the shootings at the Mall in Columbia, to issues that pertain to the private and/or corporate sector itself, there is an opportunity to learn how to improve.

There will also be an introduction to the “Stop the Bleed” program, with instruction on applying tourniquets for mass casualty incidents.

Date: 5/25/2017 Thu
Time: 2:00 PM

The Conversation Room, Mellon Hall
St. John’s College, Annapolis

Open to InfraGard members and non-members.

Drinks and refreshments will be served.

Event 4/25/17: Maryland Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

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The Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Program of

The Maryland Coordination & Analysis Center

April 25, 2017

For InfraGard members ONLY. 
RSVP at https://immaphysicalthreatsigspring2017.eventbrite.com

Fred Ferrer, program manager for CI/KR at the MCAC, will provide an overview of how state government is working together to help in the protection and resiliency of Maryland CI/KR. This activity goes across the disaster scale from protection, prevention and mitigation (more of MCAC’s left-of-the-boom work) to how we might respond (which starts getting into MEMA’s role).

Additional guests include the Governor’s Office for Homeland Security; MEMA and MCAC as well as other county and municipality elements.

  • Networking/Sign-In
  • Welcome
  • Brief MCAC Overview—Overview of Preparation/Response
  • Overview of MCAC CIP Branch Responsibilities and Efforts
  • Overview of MEMA CIP/Special Event Efforts
  • Public-Private Collaboration
  • Walk-through of New MCAC Spaces
  • Wrap-Up/Networking
Due to the access to the state facility, this meeting will be for InfraGard members only.

Event 3/8/2017: FBI Film - Made In America and Export Control

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Made In America, the latest movie in the FBI's investigative series reveals the vulnerabilities to American industries through lack of export control.  Open to members and non-members, especially those in industry, manufacturing, and cleared defense contractors, this afternoon program includes the screening of the film and a moderated conversation with the FBI.

Movie-style snacks provided. For more information: https://immafbimadeinamericamarch.eventbrite.com  

We look forward to seeing you and please forward to colleagues and others you deem appropriate.

Seminar 3/2/2017 - Human Trafficking: Investigations & the Innocent

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Open to members and non-members, this one-day seminar is led by the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force with key note presenter, Jen Spry.  It will provide information on the impact in the region, case studies, and​ resources on combating this pandemic crime. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack included

For more information:  https://immahumantrafficking2017.eventbrite.com

We look forward to seeing you and please forward to colleagues and others you deem appropriate.

IMMA in the News 1/27/2017

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Our "Threat Considerations for Faith-Based Communities & Community At-Large" seminar was featured in an article by delmarvanow news network.

To read the article on delmarvanow's website, visit Dealing with active shooters: Church leaders get trained.

NY Metro InfraGard: Executive Resiliency / Crisis Leadership Roundtable

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This event is limited to InfraGard members.


NY Metro InfraGard respectfully invites you to participate in the premier InfraGard/FBI event on “Executive Resiliency” on Tuesday February 7, 2017.  USMC Lt. Col. (ret) Robert J. Darling – author of “24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker: 9-11-01 The White House” – will be keynote and facilitating the “Executive Resiliency” panel/roundtable.

main objectives for this session will be twofold:
  • Establish key planning elements for organizations’ that look beyond a succession plan to a “leadership disaster recovery plan”, including as recovery point objectives (RPO) and return to operations (RTO);
  • Deliver an actionable guide for managers/leaders at all levels of crucial initial decisions, tasks and prioritizations that can be executed in the event of lost/absent communication channels with organizational leaders.
The panel/roundtable shall be comprised of senior level executives representing a wide variety of industries deemed by the federal government as critical to the nation’s infrastructure protection plan (NIPP). Participating executives are requested to submit up to 3 subject areas they would like to address related to this topic, and InfraGard directors as well as LTC Darling are available to assist in developing the appropriate context.

This event is limited to InfraGard secured members and special guests, not open to the public, press will not be allowed, and will employ Chatham House Rules.

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