2017 BoD Election - A Message From Our VP & Election Chair

Post date: Aug 14, 2017 4:37:28 PM

Dear InfraGard Maryland Member,

The InfraGard Maryland Members Alliance (IMMA) is seeking passionate people to join the Board of Directors!

Four Board positions are available, each requiring a two-year commitment.

Our success is based on your participation! This is your opportunity to make a difference.

If you're interested in running for the Board, please submit a brief bio and explanation (five hundred words or less) as to why you'd like to serve NO LATER THAN 09/05/2017, 10 PM EST, to Doug Rike, IMMA Vice President and Election Chair: vp@infragardmd.org with the subject line "InfraGard Election."

Note, you must be a current member of our Chapter and willing to serve for two years. You will also be required to have your employer sign a release form stating that your employer will support your new Board related duties.

If you choose to run, you'll be invited to speak at the 09/19/2017 Annual Dinner. The online voting process will begin following the dinner and run until 10/04/2017, 10 PM EST.

Thank you,

Doug Rike

IMMA Vice President and Election Chair