Each month, InfraGard Maryland releases two newsletters - the Guardian Gazette and the InfraGard CyberPulse - to keep members informed about current events and threats, as well as upcoming events and Chapter business.

Guardian Gazette

InfraGard Maryland's Monthly Chapter Newsletter

The Guardian Gazette is InfraGard Maryland's Chapter newsletter, designed to keep our members up to speed with InfraGard news at the local and national levels. Released on a monthly basis, this newsletter includes:

  • Chapter updates

  • Articles published by InfraGard Maryland's Sector Chiefs

  • Upcoming events of interest to members

  • Resources and information related to current events and threats.

Important Note: Because the Guardian Gazette contains protected members-only information, you must enter a password to access the document. The password is provided each month through an email blast from InfraGard Maryland leadership. If you have any questions about how to access the most current newsletter, please email

InfraGard CyberPulse

InfraGard Maryland's Monthly Cybersecurity-Focused Newsletter

CyberPulse is a monthly compendium of cybersecurity news. Each new issue will detail three major news articles focused on current cybersecurity events and threat alerts, along with links to useful articles about:

  • Breaches & Hacks

  • Malware Threats

  • Industry Cyber News